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Check out the NEST report on pensions including boosting NEST returns and Investments and how EA Assist can help you get set up with our workplace pension.
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Pension News – NEST Investment Report

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Pension News – NEST Investment Report

Pension News – NEST Investment Report

As one of our preferred workplace pension partners, we work closely with NEST Pensions for both new and existing clients. They recently published their quarterly investment report for September 2018 to employers and members.

Headlines include:

  • An 8.6% return over the year to 30 September 2018 for the majority of our NEST Retirement Date funds. Most of our members are invested in these funds which have delivered an average annual return of 9.9% since launch in 2011. This is well in excess of the benchmark we set of exceeding CPI inflation plus 3% after charges. NEST’s Ethical, Higher Risk and Sharia Funds show higher returns and are available to members wanting to take greater investment risk
  • How strong US stock market performance has boosted NEST returns and how we have introduced a currency hedge to protect our members from fluctuations in sterling
  • How NEST recently began investing in commodities and is now looking at private credit investments to further our diversification strategy and enhance returns for our members

The report encourages you to look at investment returns alongside the level of risk the pension provider is taking. NEST’s evidence is that most pension scheme members do not want to take big risks with how their pension contributions are invested.

Recent independent research reports show NEST is delivering good returns whilst taking less investment risk than many other major pension providers. To view a copy of the report click here.

Previous investment performance reports can be located on the NEST website here

Can EA Assist and NEST help?

If you are new to employing people you will have a workplace pension requirement once you employ your first staff member and make their first salary or wages payment.

EA Assist can help you by providing a comprehensive set up service for employers in relation to Workplace Pensions and Payroll Responsibilities with any of our 3 recommend scheme providers – NEST, The Peoples Pension and Aviva.

We also work with a number of financial advisers if you need further assistance and advice for you or your staff.

Contact us now to find out more about our fixed fee set up services starting from £250+VAT.