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Have you missed your final Full Payment Submission (FPS)?

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Have you missed your final Full Payment Submission (FPS)?

What can you do if you have you missed your final Full Payment Submission (FPS)?

If you have not submitted your final 2017/18 FPS by the deadline of 19th Pairl 2018 or reported incorrect year to date figures for the 2017/18 tax year there is a way to correct it:

  • as of 20 April 2018 – submit an Earlier Year Update (EYU) showing the difference between the last reported final figure(s) and the correct final figure(s) for the tax year to 5 April 2018.


National Insurance

If you are including a negative employee National Insurance Contributions (NICs) amount, the EYU should also be completed to show:


  • if there is an over payment of employee NICs which has been refunded to the employee, or
  • to confirm the EYU is to amend a previous submission but no refund of employee’s NICs is due.



  • if there is an over-payment of employee NICs that has not been refunded to the employee.

For further guidance, please see the GOV.UK webpage Fix problems with running payroll.

Assistance from EA Assist

Are you struggling with your payroll duties? Finding it difficult to keep on top of submissions and all the filing and information you have to submit on time to avoid penalties?

EA Assist offers assistance with EYU submissions and support on payroll problems and a full payroll service tailored to suit your business needs. Contact us for a quote today and let us take over the managing your weekly, fortnightly 4 weekly, or monthly payroll submissions.

Visit our website here or contact us now on 01379 646943.