Cloud Accounting Software for Designers - Xero
Check out cloud accounting with Xero. It doesn't matter what operating system you use, Xero is cloud based so you access through the internet and log in to your secure dashboard. There are over 400 add-ons for invoicing, cash and debt collection, project management, bank feeds and many more. EA Assist offers managed payroll and bookkeeping services to businesses in Diss, Thetford, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, Attleborough, Wymondham and Norfolk and Suffolk.
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Xero – Cloud Based Accounting Software for Designers

Cloud Accounting with Xero

Xero – Cloud Based Accounting Software for Designers

Cloud Accounting for Designers


Many years ago when I moved from a sales office to a design studio as admin support, my boss gave me a mac and said ‘there you go – no more pcs, I don’t understand them, I want you to do everything on here now’.

So having never used a mac I taught myself how to use it for everything. I had to raise quotes, letters and invoice in quark Xpress, every month copying all the invoices and pasting all the details. I had to provide spreadsheets to the accountant using a very old and basic spreadsheet package of which the name escapes me. (Claris Works that was it – is that still around!)

How different things are now! Cloud based accounting software makes it all so easy. No need to worry about what operating platform you are using – you just log in to your dashboard and there you can find all your business information. It must be great for all those designers who have struggled with a managing software on pcs and apple macs. It would have saved me endless hours back in my design days if I could have added invoices, receipts, purchase orders and all those endless business transactions at the touch of a button.

At EA Assist we use the Xero Cloud Accounting package. As well as managing your financial accounts for you, Xero has over 400 add-ons giving you a wide range of options for invoicing, payments, debt collection, bank feeds, project management and lots more.

It’s ideal if you work across several operating platforms, as its cloud based it really doesn’t matter. You just log in using your secure access password and all your information is there in a format you can understand.

Your accountant can also have access to the data – meaning you no longer need to provide spreadsheets or backups, you can give him/her access to log in and retrieve the data they need without having to disturb you.

If you’d like a free demo of Xero contact us now. We can set you up with a 30 day trial and you will see just how easy it is to use Xero to manage your business transactions.

Contact us now for more information on Cloud Accounting with Xero.