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We know all about workplace pensions, Let us guide you through auto-enrolment. We will assess you team and your needs and help you set up a scheme, administer the payroll function for you and ensure you are compliant. Find out more about workplace pensions and outsourced payroll with EA Assist Ltd.
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Workplace Pensions and Seasonal Staff

Workplace Pensions and Seasonal Staff

Workplace Pensions and Seasonal Staff


Do you have seasonal or unusual working hours for your staff?

Auto-enrolment can be complicated enough with regular full and part time staff but what if you employ seasonal staff in the summer or Christmas period.

Do you know the procedure for dealing with a variety of contracts when it comes to auto-enrolment?

We do – we can guide you through what you need to do to ensure you are complaint with the auto-enrolment pension regulations for all workers.

We will go through eligibility with you for your workforce and what you need to do to ensure every situation is covered.

The pension regulator has a variety of videos available for employers – to find out more about these contact us now.


Let us take the worry and stress away from Auto Enrolment admin procedures for you – contact us now to find out more about our Auto Enrolment / Workplace Pension services.